Color Crush: Decorating with Gold

When Brady and I moved into our one bedroom apartment last fall, I couldn’t wait to make it feel like home. We were newlyweds and I wanted to make our love nest cosy, personal and inviting…flash forward seven months to August and despite my best efforts to personalize our space, it still feels a bit lacking to me.

While our yellow living room walls were cheery in the depths of a Minneapolis winter, I find yellow a difficult color to work with. It’s bright on its own, so incorporating in other colors has been difficult and while I love yellow in small doses, it’s too much for me on every wall.

photo courtesy of My Luscious Life

While we did get permission to paint our bedroom, the yellow walls are staying and so I’m trying to make the best of it. In the meantime, I’ve decided to create pinboards of my dream home and find myself, unsurprisingly, drawn to gold.

I’ve had a longtime crush on gold hues. My bridesmaid dresses were champagne. My save the dates were on gold-leaf paper. My wedding ring is, of course, gold! I love gold because it goes with so many hues and also happens to be the perfect complement to white walls. It warms up light spaces and creates a decidedly luxe effect.

photo courtesy of First Sense
photo courtesy of First Sense

Gold is surprisingly easy to DIY and, until we move into our next space, I’ll be spray painting thrift store finds like bookends, bowls and vases, gold.  I’m loving the below gold accents which could warm up any space.

photo courtesy of Brunch at Saks
photo courtesy of Brunch at Saks

Do you like gold? What’s your current color crush?!

😉 e


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