Color Crush: Emerald + Gold

I’ve been toying with the idea of new furniture for ages, specifically a tufted sofa and fun accent chairs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the brown leather we currently have, but with just about everything in our apartment hailing from B’s parents or his bachelor days, the apartment doesn’t always feel like ours. While getting a couple new pieces isn’t top priority right now (especially with a possible trip to Europe next year!), you’d think finding the perfect sofa was my part-time job for how much time I spend looking!

I’m glad, however, that I’ve taken my time because, just in the last year, my tastes have changed. I use to want a grey tufted sofa (and given B’ love of neutrals, grey it will probably be), but lately, I’ve been smitten with the idea of a luxe emerald green sofa. It would add such richness to a white room and with gold accents, just think of the warmth! Bohemian yet still very grounded.




green3What do you think of this color combo? Any ideas on how to persudae a conventional husband that it’s quite easy being green?

Photos: one, two, three


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