Creating a Clutter-free Entryway

60c1cf07-a774-413d-9b46-20a9ab548fd1wallpaperWhen my husband and I moved into our one bedroom Minneapolis apartment, we considered ourselves blessed to have all of 800 square feet of living space, but quickly realized that we needed every inch to accommodate two-times the amount of ‘stuff.’ My husband’s solution? Return all the wedding gifts. Mine? Create practical storage, attractive organization, and thus, clutter-free space.

One of my first projects after moving in was creating an entryway where our necessities (keys, wallets, phones, etc.) would have a home, but also one which would make our future guests feel welcome. We quickly found a coat-rack, and I repainted a pink magnet board from my bacherlorette days to serve as a memo board. I was thrilled to find a coordinating metal mail-organizer at TJMaxx (my favorite place on the planet!), and quickly printed off tabs to easily organize our mail: to file, cut box, to do.

With that accomplished, I turned my focus to the opposite wall: a lovely naked yellow wall. As my husband would only allow me to paint one room, I chose our bedroom, and decided to work with the warm walls by choosing similarly-toned frames and accents.


My inspiration for this wall montage came from the amazing clock from Ikea which I took home for only $20! From there I gathered frames we already owned which coordinated with the clock, and played around with arrangements on the carpet. As a visual-learner, it always helps me to begin with a clear picture in mind. So after creating an arrangement I liked first on the floor, I was able to snap a picture, and exactly recreate it on the wall.  Below the pictures I added silver accent pieces we received as wedding gifts to bring out the silver rim of the clock. The oddly-shaped ‘leaf platter’ is actually the perfect home for our keys and cellphones. For around $80, I found a six compartment cubby/bookshelf from Target which has been a lifesaver for all the extra storage it provides.

My Mom had given me the burlap board as a Christmas present, and it was the last update to our photo wall. As someone who loves  newness, I like that I can change up this board whenever I want to.


I love being able to easily update this board.

I’m still on the lookout for a slim bench to place below the coat rack and a great antique mirror to grace the opposite wall, but for now, I’m happy with how things are turning out. 

Hope this has been of some help! So, tell me, how do YOU organize your entryway? Can’t beat tried and true hints!


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