Decorating with Mirrors

I promise I’m not vain, but I’ve recently realized I don’t have nearly enough mirrors in my home. When we first moved into our apartment, I was taken away with the idea of having a picture gallery and I’m now thinking I have far too many photos on the walls and not enough space-enhancing, life-reflecting lovely mirrors.


We do have two mirrors, though (excluding the one in our ancient bath vanity). The first, framed in gold gilt, hangs in our bathroom and I love the richness it adds to the space. It’s also special to me as it was a wedding gift from my Aunt. The other is a round mirror with a thick white frame hanging in our bedroom. I like it because, as it hangs opposite our big window, it works as a pretend window. I also love it because it reminds me of a ship window and, against our blue walls, gives our bedroom a nautical air.





Do you have many mirrors in your home? Do you like the idea of clustering them together or having one grand statement mirror?

Photos courtesy of Unknown, Rain on a Windowpane, Caverns-Cabins, The Bella Cottage and Zara Home



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