DIY Canvas Print

The finished piece!

The finished piece!

During college my older sister and I lived in a loft above our favorite coffee shop. As coffee fiends we knew this could be a dangerous decision, but they’re were so many reasons to say YES, (the location! the balcony! our own washer and dryer! ) and needless to say, we caved.  Some days we walked downstairs to the coffee shop with towels wrapped around our still wet hair; other times we’d make a dash to fuel our frequent all night study cram sessions. Long story short: we had little funds to spend on decorating. We did, however, have books. And we were already obsessed with Modge-Podge.

This art idea came from those impoverished days, and I’m happy to admit they taught me a thing or two about DIY. This canvas print is easy, fun, and can be personalized in so many ways–from the book you choose to the colors, and the words.

To begin you will need:

-Any size canvas (mine was 18 x 24 and I found it at Michael’s)

-A jar of Modge-Podge (you can also make your own by mixing equal portions of Elmer’s glue with water)

-Sticker letters (mine were three inches tall and I found them at Michael’s:))

-A small paint brush

-A book (I used a dictionary as thin pages work best)


1) After tearing a rough approximation of pages from your book, begin covering the canvas to get an idea of layout and whether you need more pages.

2) Once you have enough pages and like the layout, cover the canvas space and book page with modge-podge. Carefully smooth the page over the canvas and paint with a thin layer of mp. Continue until the whole canvas is covered.

The canvas looks best when the pages overlap and are slightly off center.

3) Once the modge-podge has dried completely-say overnight or so-lightly apply the stickers where you would like them on the canvas. This step can be tricky as the stickers need to be secure enough to stay in place when you paint over them, but also pliable enough to peel off at the end.

4) After applying the stickers, paint over them in whatever color strikes you. As this print was for our bedroom, I painted the canvas the same blue which was on our walls.


5) Once the paint has dried, carefully begin peeling off the letters. I used a sharp knife to help with this process.


6) Once the letters are removed, your original piece of art is finished!

This is where I placed my art piece.:)

Happy Modge-Podging!


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