Figure Flattering Fashion

My gorgeous Canadian friend, Genevieve, knows how to dress. After traveling around the world with this woman whom I met in England, I can assure she was noticed across the globe. Her secret? Clothes that fit and flatter. One of my favorite nights out in Bristol, England was when Gen convinced me to wear a figure-flattering leopard print dress…

Though managing to take the dress off at the end of night was a story in itself (fie, high zippers!), I realized the fit of the dress was perfect. It fit like a glove. There was no extra fabric or unflattering cuts, but a dress which hemmed in exactly where it was supposed to: bust, waist, and hips. At times I felt it looked too tight when, really, I’ve just become accustomed to clothes that don’t fit properly. Ever working on accepting my body, I sometimes choose dresses a size too big or pick shapeless tops which end up only adding the appearance of weight.

Studying for my MA in the gorgeous city of Bristol this past year, I snapped more photos than ever. In the process, I noticed that when I wear clothes with clean lines, proper hems, and flattering cuts, I appear thinner and my outfit, simple though they often are, more chic.

No matter what dress size we wear, I think most woman are body-conscious, and unfortunately react to that by embracing the ‘androgynous look.’ But ladies! For what it’s worth, clothes that fit properly will always prove more flattering.

My favorite tips for figure flattering fashion:

#1: Skirts are huge this season, always fun, and easy to style. Look for styles which actually fall on your natural waist.  Voilà! Instantly flattering.

Marilyn arrives at a preview of The Seven Year Itch in an off-the-shoulder figure flattering white dress. Photo Courtesy of

#2: BELTS. Yes, you knew this was coming. Belts can actually go with most outfits and will streamline your shape. I’m loving how easy it’s become to find thin belts in all colors of the rainbow.J.Crew is my no-fail stop to find fresh and affordable styles.

#3: When trying on dresses, jeans, or trousers, bring along the shoes you plan to wear with them. This will give you a much idea of whether the piece is actually the right length.

#4: When trying on cocktail dresses think Marilyn Monroe. Her hour-glass shape was always complimented in the styles she wore and she never once looked out of shape, only beautiful.

Luckily, form-flattering shapes were a huge trend on the runways for the spring and summer collections right on through Fall 2012. And what girl doesn’t want to look a little more like Marilyn?


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