Going for the Gold

These days, finding unique yellow gold jewelry (real or not) is hard to come by in the sea of white gold and silver ornaments, but gold is still my favorite. As a blonde, I am a bit biased as gold jewelry works best with my skin tone, but any girl can pull off a simple gold necklace, statement bracelet, or gold plated studs.Gold jewelry adds refinement and class to even the simplest ensembles, and maybe it’s in my head, but I think gold tones add warmth to any complexion.

Gold Rope bracelet, £55. 81 from J.Crew

If you’re still convinced yellow gold isn’t for you, look for bronzed colored jewelry. Bronze jewelry often creates a vintage effect, and can create a rich contrast when worn with bright and bold clothing.

Classic pavé link bracelet from J. Crew

J.Crew consistently creates lovely baubles, and recently introduced an exquisite new line of gold colored costume jewelry and cocktail rings. This gold plated brass link bracelet  from J. Crew (www. jcrew.com,£96. 85) will add class and sophistication to any outfit. J.Crew’s gold rope bracelet is another lovely piece sure to lift any mood as it lightly jingles round your wrist.

Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry is always eclectic, unexpected and appropriate, and these lovely heart silhouette gold plated studs are no different. And for $42 are wonderfully within budget (www. polyvore.com).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Love Edge Stud Earrings

Good thing Christmas is just around the corner…


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