Making the Cut

I have a confession: too much of my adult life has been spent preoccupied by my hair! Do you ever feel the same? For one thing, my hair grows reall-y slowly. I actually have a theory that my hair won’t grow past my shoulders–although it finally has! after 1.5 years and 2 tiny trims!–and while I love long hair, when it comes to styling it, I’m hopeless. I either wear it down or up in a ponytail. And that is it. No cute braids. Topknots. Curls. And it’s not that I haven’t tried, but when it comes to working with my hands, I’ve never been all too talented. Thus, enters my dilemma!

My hair has taken sooo long to finally hit my shoulders so I’m hesitant to go short again, but need some kind of a change.

Various lengths and styles of my hair

I’m leaning towards the middle photo, especially after seeing Julianne Hough’s short do. What do you think? I love how her do seems so fresh and easy, but still chic. Looks like I have some decisions to make! 😉 e

Photos courtesy of Instyle





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