The Long and Short of it

Skirts of all lengths, prints, colors and cuts are having a moment, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Skirts are endlessly versatile, effortlessly chic, and a fun alternative to trousers. A skirt in place of jeans easily elevates a casual street look into a fashion statement, and what girl doesn’t feel more ready for the day facing the world in a cute skirt? Not only are skirts more fun and feminine than jeans or trousers, but they make it easier to showcase a great pair of ballet flats or ankle boots, or highlight a colored pair of tights.

As with any look, balance is important. A slim fitting pencil skirt works well with a looser fitting blouse, and a bubble skirt invariably looks best with a fitted top. For an ultra sleek look, go ahead and pair a pencil skirt with a fitted blouse to look slimmer and more chic.

These days, I’m especially loving the return of the long skirt. Practical in all seasons, a long skirt can be easily dressed down for running errands, but still provide enough polish for drinks later on. Long skirts, I also find, elongate even petite frames, but it’s important to maintain the line by pairing long skirts with simple blouses and tops.

A button down dresses down even formal long skirts.

I love how this dressy sequined skirt suddenly becomes casual and much more wearable when paired with a crisp button down. A simple white tee will give a similar look. It is important, however, to keep other accessories to a minimum. A longer skirt can easily become overwhelming with too much jewelry, but looks great with a single statement piece, like this lovely jade stone link necklace.

Further emphasize your waist and womanly curves with a thin or thick belt. Brown leather works well with most colors, but a brightly hued belt can add further charm to your look.

Happy dressing!


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