Winter is for streamlined silhouettes

For those of us living in colder hemispheres, winter is still very much with us. And whether we like it or not, boots, jackets, and warm layers are a yet a must. But bundling up doesn’t mean you can’t feel cute and showcase your style.

After years of braving the North Dakota tundra, studying in Norway, and most recently, experiencing the wet cold of English winters, I’ve learned a thing or two about winter fashion.


How to be a winter Fashion DO!:

Rule #1: Choose sleek silhouettes to avoid feeling (and looking) like a snowball–this applies to coats, boots, and sweaters.

Rule #2: Refer to rule number one! This is the most important rule when it comes to dressing fashionably warm.

I also particularly prefer skinny jeans and leggings in the winter. If you do wear a bulkier sweater, the look is still balanced by your sleek skinnies, and skinnies are much easier to tuck into black ankle booties than a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Choose a winter jacket with a naturally nipped in waist, or opt for one with a belt. If you’re a curvier on top (like myself) avoid double-breasted jackets to further streamline your look. While the girl in this picture totally rocks this look, don’t be afraid to add a bright pop of color, be it a scarf or handbag. Earlier this fall, I found a mustard yellow jacket at a vintage shop and it made every outfit of mine more optimistic and energetic. Believe me, if we need anything to get through grey winters, it’s color!


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