Healthy Carrot and Curry Soup


Don’t bother a man when he’s eating!

Half-way through the week, Brady and I both woke up the colds and sore throats– the sort of illness that makes you swear off coffee and just want to close your eyes. So, to get us through the remainder of the week, nothing sounded better than soup for dinner. But as much as I love chicken soup, it can get a bit old. So tonight, I opted to try something new from  my custom-made cookbook–one of my favorite wedding shower gifts from my lovely sister-in-law.

I followed this recipe exactly as the directions specified, and it turned out beautifully. It is thick and creamy with awesome flavor and HEALTHY!  I give it five stars.


-3 lbs carrots chopped         -1 medium chopped onion

-2 T curry powder                  -Dash of cayenne pepper

-1 T honey (can use more)      -Salt and pepper

-1/8 t garlic powder                  -9 chicken bouillon cubes

-9 cups water                          -I can light coconut milk

-2 t olive oil

Chop onions and carrots and put in stockpot with olive oil (I used our French oven). Saute until tender. Add bouillon and water. Add all seasonings and let boil until carrots are soft and tender (approx. 30 mins).

Use hand mixer to puree. Add coconut milk and simmer until desired consistency.

VOILA! That is it. Easy as pie and just as delicious.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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