Simple and Delicious Picnic Fare

Good morning from beautiful Minneapolis! It’s a warm, sun-filled day here and even though I’m in the office (taking an early lunch;), I’m still feeling rested and relaxed from our laid-back weekend in town. In an effort to keep this warm and happy feeling going and to ward off work-week blues, I’m making a new rule:

As long as the weather stays nice, Brady, Aya and I have to eat outside at least twice a week. This does not mean patio-seating at a restaurant, either! I have something better in mind: picnicking.

B and I are no strangers to dining al fresco, but far too often we return home from work, frazzled and exhausted, and, like zombies,  end up in front of the TV, bowls of cereal in hand. Compare this bland, boring routine to packing fresh fruit, a baguette and creamy Brie and enjoying each other’s company at Lake of the Isles or Lake Calhoun. Is there even a comparison to be made?!

photo courtesy of Lisa Sherry Interieurs

With that, here’s what will be going in our basket tonight:

-A chilled bottle of white wine (we served this Cupcake prosecco at our wedding and, needless to say, I’m partial:))

-Ina Garten’s unexpected argula, watermelon and feta salad

-A fresh baguette, perfect for dipping in olive oil and balsamic (or the vinaigrette from the salad)

-Macaroons from our local patisserie (did you know that Trader Joe’s has pretty good chocolate and vanilla macaroons in their freezer aisle?)

Other easy options would be basil mozzarella sandwiches with tomatoes and prosciutto, pre-toasted brie and blueberry sandwiches, a strawberry-spinach salad or an easy anti-pasta (cold noodles, olive oil, fresh basil and parm!). Add wine, chocolate and fruit, and you’re all set.

What are your picnic fare standbys? Let me know your favorites!




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