Springtime Eats + Drinks

Spring is here. Even though there’s still snow on the ground and it’s still a little chilly, knowing that we’ve (at last) reached spring is such a sweet feeling. I’m so ready for picnics and walks around Lake Calhoun, reading outside over the lunch hour and lightening up my diet!

I didn’t gain weight over the winter, but even after a week-long holiday, I’m feeling heavy and draggy. Cue lighter, healthier fare! Okay, so some of these recipes are for desserts, but they don’t look so delish and springy? Which one will you try first?

lemonGreek yogurt cream cheese lemon coffee cake
redRed wine berry spritzer (just red wine + La Croix, love it!)

tartCreamy meyer lemon bergamot orange and fresh ricotta tart

berryBerry almond smoothie
ricottaRoasted grapes with thyme on ricotta grilled bread
cocountCoconut creamsicle margaritas

Happy Spring, everyone! X



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