Back to the Drawing Board: Stopober

109616-maintainratio-w600xh0Apologies for my complete absence last week, readers.  After a hectic summer of work, festivals, commuting and, if I’m honest, too much fun and not enough sleep my batteries were finally depleted of energy and I had to take a break from life.  I was recommended by my osteopath, who’s more than a little unenthused with Western medicine, to take a more holistic view to my health for a month and see the results.

I have long been a fan of the Clean & Lean Lifestyle, promoted by Australian health guru James Duigan.  He recommends a diet full of fresh, ‘clean’ food, that and lots of green tea and yoga.  Over the summer I’ve had a fairly lax attitude to my health and so I’m using the excuse of it being being ‘Stoptober‘ this month in the UK to give up drinking and my occasional marlboro light (I know, I’m sorry) for four weeks, in the process improving my diet and going back to the gym, I’m in a perpetual love-triangle with that place and the pub.

Any advice and and support via comments will be gratefully received/needed.

Wish me luck, I’ll be cooking, yogaing and green-tea-drinking if you need me!

Ash x


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