Thoughts On Writing

writeThis is my sixth week at DreamPlanGo and my fifth week in my creative writing course, i.e., it’s the most writing I’ve done since my dissertation! Some days, words simply won’t jump on the page, but on days like today, they’re coming without too much fuss. I know this is because I’ve been reading more.

On Sunday, I read all afternoon and into the evening and, for those several hours, all was right in my world. Kate Atkinson’s writing absolutely thrilled me (Life After Life review coming soon) and left me feeling deliciously inspired. I’ve also been reading about writing via Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron and Anne Lamott. These women are giants to me.

Julia Cameron, in The Right to Write, said something about writing I never thought about before and her insights feel incredibly freeing:

“Writing is about getting something down, not about thinking something up. Whenever I strive to “think something up,” writing becomes something I must stretch to achieve. It becomes loftier than I am, perhaps even something so lofty, it is beyond my grasp. When, on the other hand, I am focused on just getting something down, I have a sense of attention but not a sense of strain.”

Brilliant, right?

Little by little it’s feeling so good to chip away at my 2014 resolutions. How are your resolutions going? Or what writing advice has been helpful to you?Image courtesy of


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