Our Easter Celebrations

Hello, everyone! How was your Easter? Did you spend good time with family or friends?  B and I had a really fun Easter weekend in Fargo. Lots of delicious food and time with my favorite little people. The only downside was that the time just flew by! Even for being a three day weekend!

I’ll be following this post up with the usual Travel Mondays, but wanted to share a few photos from our Easter Sunday:

Post Easter-candy silliness (Gigi on the L, Nanie R)

Post Easter-candy silliness (Gigi on the L, Nanie R)

Even Winston got in on the Easter hunt goodies.

Even Winston got in on the Easter hunt goodies.

"Audrey, stop wunnin' away! You're too yiddle to pay by yoself."

“Audrey, stop wunnin’ away! You’re too yiddle to pay by yoself.”

Little Sophie was quite unprepared for keeping up with Jackson, Nanie and Gigi's egg hunting skills.

Little Sophie was quite unprepared for keeping up with Jackson, Nanie and Gigi’s egg hunting skills.

So much sunshine!

So much sunshine!

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He is risen!” Luke 24:5-6


What Are Your V-Day Plans?

loveTomorrow (tomorrow!) B and I will at last be flying out of this icebox and heading west to the Sunshine State. Our trip to visit B’s brother in San Diego inadvertently fell over Valentine’s, and while it won’t exactly be a romantic getaway, I’m more than thrilled to be getting away. Maybe it’s because this will be one of the first Valentines B and I have celebrated together or because I’ve been dreaming up V-day getaways over on DreamPlanGo today, but I’m really feeling the *romance* this year.

With that, if you could go anywhere in the world with your amour this weekend, where would it be? My fourteen favorite destinations can be found here. X

Image courtesy of jump-thenfallintome.tumblr.com

Will You Be My Valentine?

Even in my single girl days, I always had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. Growing up, my Mom always seemed to surprise my siblings and me with little gifts, and in my teenage years, my girlfriends and I would assemble to bash the world of men  over chocolate and more chocolate. These days, I’m the luckiest girl in the world to call B my Valentine, but sending my love to my friends, little sisters and nieces and nephews is equally as sweet.

If you’re in the mood to send out some love this February, here are a few of my favorite Valentine cards:

#1. Rifle Paper Co: their cards are always endearing without becoming cheesy.
vday#2: Zazzle has an excellent selection of vintage cards. How cute is this one?!vday1vday1peas#3. The Card Store has a number of fun ideas to personalize your cards. Perfect for those of us DIY adverse.vday

#4: Or keep things even simpler and send out a Valentine eCard? This one made me giggle. If you, unlike me, are a modern day Martha Stewart, these homemade cards are also pretty adorable.

Stay tuned for Valentine gift ideas! X