Tea and Kettle Cookies

One of my favorite memories of growing up was the luxury of going right home after school, on those rare days I didn’t have ballet or play practice, and coming home to fresh baked cookies. On these days, I’d make a mug of cocoa, pile cookies on a plate and head upstairs to my room to read. Today, my routine has changed drastically and after fighting rush-hour traffic, I generally collapse on the couch exhausted, trying to muster up the energy to take Audrey out before heading to the gym. Yesterday, however, was different.

Over the weekend I visited Sur La Tablea darling all-things kitchen boutique, and found the sweetest little cookie cutouts in the shape of tea cups and tea kettles. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from crafty and my baking is often hit and miss, but these shapes were just too cute not to test out.



My decorations were really simple, but I’m excited to test out more creative frosting combinations in the future. I think it’d be really fun to decorate each tea pot differently–somewhat like Crate & Barrel’s lovely collection of tea pots.

cookie2Making a cookie sandwich with sprinkles also looked cute and was really easy, but the best part was the eating!


What’s your favorite after-work (non-healthy!) snack? I always like popcorn and making yogurt parfaits. Happy Tuesday! Xo, Em


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