The Easiest Brunch

This past weekend my little niece and nephews were in town and we had lots of fun swimming in the hotel pool, playing hide and seek and simply spending time with these little people. On Sunday we invited my sister-in-law and her family over to brunch and I was really pleased with how everything turned out.


We kept things simple by having a build your own yogurt parfait bar and blueberry muffins. Instead of a tablecloth, we used heavy brown wrapping paper and made sure the dishwasher was empty for easy clean-up. The great thing about yogurt parfaits is that they require very little prep. Since we used apple cinnamon granola, we served apple slices for the parfaits, but you could use any variety of fruit.


The kids thought making their own parfaits was a lot of fun (we brought out sprinkles for them!) and, for us adults, it was a nice to have something healthy after a weekend of pizza and kids meals.  The great thing about using wrapping paper is that you can also jot down what everything is (nonfat v. vanilla, decaf v. regular) or just draw pretty designs. 🙂

What do you usually make for brunch? Or what do you order when you go out for breakfast?


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